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We welcome all your needs for pest management whether for home, office, vessel, and industrial establishments. We have successfully served clients known to have extremely high standards. All our Field Technicians are licensed by the National Environmental Agency. We are also NSRS Accredited Company with more than 75% of our team passing two modules of the competency based NSRS course for Pest Management. We are an ISO certified company, which means our systems and processes are sound, sustainable, and efficient.

Message from the Managing Director - MAJOR (RET) G. SURAJAN (P.B.)

Major's Pest Management Services Pte Ltd was established in 2003 and has been an active member of the Singapore Pest Management Association. I was the Past President of the Association for 18 years until I stepped down a few years ago to concentrate on building Major’s Pest Management. We came into the Pest Control Market with the objective of setting very high service standards to meet the expectations of the demanding and knowledgeable clientele. 

To survive in this field which has almost 300 players, we decided to take the necessary steps to be better than the rest.  We ensure that all our Managers, Office Staff and Field Technicians are highly trained and competent to handle the most up-to-date technology and equipment to combat the numerous pests.

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Pest Management Services
Ever thought that you may have termites? You may already have them and not even know it. That’s because termites live in areas that you cannot see. Termites cost home owners...
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In our modern era of increased international travel and immigration, bed bugs have become an increasingly prevalent problem. As these persistent critters spread upon contact...
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The Rodent Management Programme is a systematic approach for the monitoring and management of rodents. This programme comprises the monitoring protocols...
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Mosquitoes are linked to water where their young develop. The critical thing is that the water remains standing long enough for the larvae, called wigglers, to complete their development...
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Fumigation Services
Major's is among the very few companies licensed to carry out fumigation using Methyl Bromide, Hydrogen Cyanide and Hydrogen Phosphide. We are accredited by the Agri-Food Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to carry out ISPM 15 Fumigation for all outgoing timber products to almost all countries Worldwide. Major's Pest Management is also recognized as a qualified Fumigation Company by the Canadian Authorities to carry out In-Transit Phytosanitary Fumigation of Rice and Corn originating from Canada and arriving in India.
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