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Major’s Pest Management and Our Commitment

SurajanWhen I joined the Pest Management Industry in 1984 after 14 good years in the Singapore Navy as a Naval Officer, I was saddened by the poor image of the industry. It was classified similar to menial labour and carried a very low profile in the service industry. This was very disturbing as trained Pest Control Technicians handle toxic chemicals and also handle equipment that can harm people and the environment if in the hands of untrained personnel.

Hence, in 1989, I took over the Presidency of the Pest Control Association (PCA) which had only 10 members then. In the 18 years as President, we grew our Membership to 75 members. We took on the task of upgrading the industry and hence conducted In-House  Courses and organised a few International Pest Management Conferences that were fully supported by the National Environment Agency of Singapore and attracted more than 500 participants each time from some 24 countries. With these achievements, the Authorities permitted the Association to change the name from Pest Control Association (Singapore)  to Singapore Pest Management Association (SPMA) in 2001 as we  truly represented the industry by that time.

My crowning glory as President of SPMA was when we convinced our neighbouring countries comprising of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines to combine our resources and organize Joint Conferences known  as Pest Summit once every 2 years. This has been ongoing since 2003 and has been a tremendous  success.

The most significant achievement was when I succeeded in fulfilling my dream to upgrade the entire industry. With a team of very able Council Members, we launched the E-learning for the National Skills Recognition Scheme for Pest Management in 2004. This has been acclaimed as the very first in the World as all the other industries everywhere used the  traditional books and videos as teaching means. Most of the major pest management companies have sent their field staff for this training and have actually upgraded themselves and in the process, have upgraded the industry as a whole.

Having initiated and implemented the path for upgrading the industry, I stepped down as President of SPMA in August 2006  to fully focus on Major’s Pest Management Services to try and achieve the highest standards possible in our industry. We have invested in Top Grade Managers, Admin Staff and Field Technicians who have years of experience. They are all well trained in their respective areas of expertise. To keep abreast of all the latest in Technology and Chemicals, we have in our team a very well respected Entomologist with hands on experience.

In Pest Management, you will note that we are well equipped with all the new technology and know-how to handle any type of pest. To complete the package, we have fully Computerised our entire Pest Management Operations from Scheduling, Invoicing, Debtors and also updates on new methods and systems. So gone are the days of missing out on services and time wastage.

The Fumigation Division has at present 6 Licensed Fumigators who are qualified to handle Methyl Bromide, Hydrogen Cyanide, and Hydrogen Phosphide. They are among the most experienced fumigators in Singapore. Major’s Pest is Accredited by AVA to carry out ISPM 15 Fumigation which is a requirement by most countries now. In addition, we also provide Quarantine and Phytosanitary Services for most importing countries. To conform to the very stringent Australian requirements, our Fumigators have been accredited to the Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (AFAS) and certified by Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services (AQIS) after passing a very stringent training and exam set by them.

As we are among the top few Fumigation Companies in terms of volume of Fumigation done, we have just introduced a very comprehensive Management Programme known as Major’s Fumigation Management System (MFMS). This is a web based online booking system which allows our valued customers to book Fumigation Services online on a 24/7 basis from anywhere. Some of the additional features include E-Certificates, cost saving on telephone calls as all confirmations are made online, Multi-User Facility and many other innovative features.

Our Commitment to the Industry

We hereby undertake to provide you the very best Pest Management Services at all times. In order to achieve this, we will keep abreast of all the latest developments in the Industry and ensure that our staff are trained to deliver as required.

Our Motto

TOTAL DEFENSE WITH MILITARY PRECISION and this is my personal promise to you.


Maj (Ret) G. Surajan (P.B.)
Managing Director

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