Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a major problem worldwide. This is mainly because travel is very cheap these days and hence people from different background, travel quite freely these days. Budget and back-pack travelers do not mind staying in the cheapest locations where hygiene and housekeeping are not priorities. The great influx of foreign labour from the lesser countries around the region have also compounded the problem. So you need to ask yourself if you have been exposed to bed bugs yourself and without knowing this, could you have brought them into your house. Or you need to confirm if you have had visitors from overseas or recently engaged any maid etc. You may keep your own house spick and span but this will not prevent the bed bugs from the neighbouring houses to crawl into your nice clean home.

Bed Bug Singapore

Therefore, if you have a confirmed Bed Bug problem, Major’s has an effective and proven method of eradicating them. Do not try & Do It Yourself as you need Professionals to handle it. Call us and we will explain the necessary steps to be taken by you and what our courses of action will be. We will then need to carry out a survey of the place to determine what it will cost you to rid yourself of this socially unacceptable pest. We will also seek the permission of your neighbours to inspect their premises as the breeding could be coming from their premises. Hopefully, they will allow us in. Please note that the entire process will have to be done twice, with an interval of 7 to 10 days. This is necessary to eradicate the newly hatched bugs as the eggs will not be destroyed during the first treatment. This will ensure a complete job. Please contact Major’s for more details.

Kind acknowledgments to YouTube and National Geographic.

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