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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a major problem worldwide. This is mainly because travel is very cheap these days and hence people from different background, travel quite freely these days. Budget and back-pack travelers do not mind staying in the cheapest locations where hygiene and housekeeping are not priorities. The great influx of foreign labour from the lesser countries around the region have also compounded the problem. So you need to ask yourself if you have been exposed to bed bugs yourself and without knowing this, could you have brought them into your house. Or you need to confirm if you have had visitors from overseas or recently engaged any maid etc. You may keep your own house spick and span but this will not prevent the bed bugs from the neighbouring houses to crawl into your nice clean home.

Therefore, if you have a confirmed Bed Bug problem, Major’s has an effective and proven method of eradicating them. Do not try & Do It Yourself as you need Professionals to handle it. Call us and we will explain the necessary steps to be taken by you and what our courses of action will be. We will then need to carry out a survey of the place to determine what it will cost you to rid yourself of this socially unacceptable pest. We will also seek the permission of your neighbours to inspect their premises as the breeding could be coming from their premises. Hopefully, they will allow us in. Please note that the entire process will have to be done twice, with an interval of 10 to 14 days. This is necessary to eradicate the newly hatched bugs as the eggs will not be destroyed during the first treatment. This will ensure a complete job. Please contact Major’s for more details.

Kind acknowledgments to YouTube and National Geographic.


This tiny creature does more damage than all natural hazards added together. This is the reason why it sends shivers down the spine when you see a mud trail on your wall or you suddenly see numerous white ants at the back of your cupboard when you shift it for whatever reason. You get a further shock when you shift the clothes inside the cupboard and see the dreaded mud trail. The first thing to do is not to panic. DO NOT Spray any insecticide from “off the shelf” aerosol cans and neither should you attempt to wipe away the mud trail. This is because you would have effectively frightened the termites and cause them to withdraw and forage elsewhere. This only means that they may no longer use the “disturbed” mud trail and build another trail away from the danger. Hence, the termites would not be eliminated and still pose a danger to your property.

The termites mentioned above are known as Subterranean Termites. Their colony comprises of a Queen, Soldier Ants and Worker Ants. The Queen is the “breeding machine”, the Soldier Ants defend the Colony and the Worker Ants forage for food to feed the Queen. Pest Control Operators take advantage of the Social habit of the “Workers” collecting food and feeding the Queen. Through this means, the Queen will be destroyed when it feeds on the “tainted food” brought in by the Worker Ants. When this happens, the colony will be eliminated.

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(Please see video below.)

The cockroaches shown (the Americana and the Germanica) are the ones that are normally found in Singapore. They thrive in warm and humid areas where food which comprises of all organic materials and decaying matters is abundant. It is for these reasons that we normally find cockroaches in the kitchen, sewers, garbage dumps, cabinets, damp basement areas, service risers, cracks and crevices and similar places.

These pests are a public health hazard and the vectors of various pathogenic and food poisoning bacteria and can cause allergic reactions among humans. The use of aerosol spray cans that you can get “off the shelf” from retail stores, has a limited function in that it will only kill the cockroaches that come in direct contact with the spray. This will not solve the problem of eliminating the cockroaches as you have not got to the root of the problem ie. the source of the breeding.

This is where Major’s comes in and eliminate the cockroaches at the source with the use of baits, residuals, gels, etc. We will also put in place proper house-keeping procedures and monitoring stations. Call us for professional help.

Kind acknowledgments to You Tube and National Geographic.


(Please see video below.)

These are the most commonly found species of Rodents in Singapore ie. the House Mouse, the Roof Rat and the Sewer Rat. These Rodents are usually found around sewers, garbage, roof attic, false ceilings, storage areas and just about everywhere that has food, water and shelter.

It is important to note that the habitat of each of the three rodents is different. The House Mouse lives closest to the human beings and is normally found in linen bags, laundry, wardrobes, etc. It is the smallest of the three and breeds profusely. The Roof Rat is slender and an excellent climber. Hence, they can be found in roof attics, ceilings, false ceilings, etc. The Sewer Rat is the biggest and as the name suggests, they come from the sewer, man-holes, drains, etc.

Therefore, it is extremely important to identify the type of rat that has entered the premises. Once this is known, then the baits, traps, etc. can be placed at the correct locations in order to eliminate the pest. If you have a Roof Rat situation and the baits are placed on the ground close to the sewer, drains, etc. you will be wasting your time. Hence, it is advisable to call in the professionals like us to take care of the problem as we will know what we are doing. We are trained to identify the type of rodent by examining the droppings, the gnaw marks, the rubbing marks, the urine and burrows, etc. We will then take the necessary measures to eliminate the pest. Safety to Pets, Children and Adults is of prime importance. Buying “do it yourself kits” have limited success without the above mentioned knowledge. Hence, it is safer to call in Major’s Pest Management Services Pte Ltd.

Kind acknowledgments to YouTube and Contra Costa Mosquito And Vector Control District.


With the constant fear of Dengue looming over us, each and everyone of us have a very important role to play to prevent the breeding of the dreaded Aedes Aegypti Mosquito. It must be remembered that all it takes is a water source no bigger than a 20 cent coin for breeding to occur. The unpredictable and constant rain makes it almost impossible to prevent water from collecting. It is also important to note that with all the fogging and mosquito control work being done at ground level, the mosquitoes have moved their habitat higher in order to survive. So, whilst breeding has been somewhat contained in the traditional locations, they now breed profusely on ledges on walls, brackets on down water pipes, the roof gutters, the air-con and the fittings and the numerous other locations on roof tops, etc.

To get an idea on how bad the situation is, just imagine that you are a mosquito. Stand outside your property and take a good look at it. You will realize that there are hundreds of potential breeding places for mosquitoes. The laws today allow the authorities to impose fines even for “potential” breeding areas. Hence, you don’t have to be caught for breeding by NEA, to be fined. Dengue will kill and as these locations may not be easily accessible to the layman, you may need to call in the specialists like Major’s Pest Management Services Pte Ltd to keep the situation under control and hence safeguard the well-being of your loved ones. Better to be Safe than Sorry.

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The climatic conditions in Singapore allow the breeding of numerous types of Ants. Some bite and do harm whilst some others are just a nuisance. Ants normally come into the house to forage for food droppings. They also come in through flower pots and other packages brought into the house. Hence, proper house-keeping is very important to ensure that all food droppings are thoroughly cleared away. We know that it is easier said than done especially with children and pets around. Branches of plants and trees should be kept away from the walls of the house as ants will use them as entry points into your home. Fruit trees in the garden will also add to the challenge as they naturally attract ants.

Hence, if you are troubled by Ants, please do call for Major’s Pest Management Services Pte Ltd to attend to it. Our Field Staff are trained to identify the different ants and are able to determine what treatment and control measures are necessary for each type of ants. A well planned programme has to be put in place and it must be noted that it cannot be resolved at one go. Off the counter aerosol cans may promise such miracles but what it does is that it “contact kills”. In other words, the ants that come in direct contact with the aerosol spray may die, but you have not tackled the source of the breeding and as such, the ants will continue to bother you after awhile. At Major’s Pest Management Services Pte Ltd, we get to the root of the problem and totally eliminate the colony.

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To be on the safe side, treat every snake as poisonous and dangerous. Never ever try and be a hero by trying to destroy it yourself. The best thing that you can and should do is to keep the snake in view at all times from a safe distance. Then, call in the experts who are trained to remove the snake safely with the correct equipment and safety gear.

Some measures that you can take to minimize or prevent snakes from entering your premises, especially if you live next to forested areas, are as follows :

  1. Ensure that the fencing does not have tears and large holes especially if bordering heavy forestation, canals, water recourses, etc.
  2. Keep the grass in the garden very short and do not have banana plants, bamboo plants and other bushy and clumpy plants that can harbour snakes.
  3. Do not allow stagnant water in your compound as this may attract frogs and toads. These are the favourite snacks for Cobras and Pythons.
  4. Do not keep chicken, ducks, etc. in sheds in the compound, especially if the property is adjacent to heavily forested areas and canals. Pythons have been known to help themselves to these. Occasionally, even tied up dogs and cats have been known to be attacked.
  5. Ensure that the house walls do not have any holes and that there is no gap between the doors as snakes can easily squeeze in through tiny openings.
  6. Build a low brick wall (about 1 foot high) all around the premises and fix broken glass pieces on the top. Snakes will not cross over the sharp broken glass.

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The common problem with keeping dogs, cats and birds as pets is that they have fleas on them. These fleas will bite human beings and leave painful red marks. Do not try and Do It Your self with “off the shelf” pesticides. You will need Professional help to eradicate the problem as a combination of actions is necessary to be carried out simultaneously to deal with the problem decisively. Please note that the entire process will have to be done twice with an interval of 10 to 14 days. This is necessary to eradicate the newly hatched fleas as the eggs will not be destroyed during the first treatment. At Major’s, we are specialized at solving the problem.

Kind acknowledgements to You Tube and National Geographic.


(Please see video below.)

When Bees, Hornets or Wasps are seen to be grouping together within your compound and attempting to make a nest, Do Not try to “shoo” them away with any form of aerosol spray or physical means ie. Brooms etc. These pests are dangerous and numerous stings can cause serious respiratory problems that can even lead to death. They will strike at anything that moves in their close proximity in defense of their colony. Hence, stay clear and call in the “Artillery” from Major’s Pest Management Services Pte Ltd. Our full array of the latest equipment and pesticides will safely dispose of the problem without endangering you, the people in the vicinity and ourselves. Hence, at Major’s, you will see professionalism with safety as the prime factor.

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Book Lice

This is a common problem encountered by people who store books, maps, scrolls and other cellulose products in their store rooms, attics and cupboards. Tiny black insects will crawl all over the walls. These are Book Louse or Psocids. You will need professional help to eliminate them. The affected books or items will have to be taken out of the premises and fumigated with the use of a specialized fumigant called Methyl Bromide. Only Licensed Fumigators are allowed to use Methyl Bromide to do the fumigation. Then, the rooms/store rooms/attics will be sealed up and gassed for a minimum of 2 hours with a special pesticide which will be dispensed with the use of a total release aerosol dispenser. The house or unit must be vacated for this. On completion of the gassing, the area will be well ventilated and cleared of all the gas. It is then safe for the occupants to be allowed access.

We will advice on all the preparations that need to be done and the exact process that we will undertake. Please note that the entire process will have to be done twice, with an interval of 10 to 14 days, to eradicate the newly hatched louse as the eggs will not be destroyed during the 1st treatment. Please do alert Major’s when encountered with these pests. DO NOT attempt to deal with it yourself as normal spraying with the “off the shelf” pesticides will not eradicate the problem.

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Birds are known to carry a wide range of pathogens that can cause numerous diseases which can affect human beings. Hence, special care must be taken if birds are kept inside homes or allowed to rest and nest in or on the unit. Your home will be exposed to bird fleas.

Bird control involves a few stages that will include identifying the type of birds, roosting habits, feeding habits and breeding habits if possible. Careful study has to be done to work out the most effective way of keeping the birds away from your premises. This could involve a combination of methods ie. the use of gels, spikes, nets, audio frequencies, scare tactics and even physical measures like doing away of all ledges and all possible roosting places. Contact Major’s and we will give you details on what exactly needs to be done. We will solve your problem.

Dogs and Cats





The AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) has set guidelines on what can and cannot be done when trapping, storing and handling of the animals. You can also contact AVA and request them to remove the stray dogs/cats, especially if they are vicious. There must be sufficient justification for AVA to get involved in the trapping of dogs/cats.

Dogs and Cats are not normally classified under Pest Control and hence, most of the Pest Control Operators do not provide such services. At Major’s, when our clients need help in this area, we engage the services of a specialized Dog/Cat catcher, to catch the strays and hand over to the relevant authorities. It is a dangerous job as dogs and cats will bite when cornered. Hence, never ever attempt this yourself. Contact Major’s and we will get the problem dealt with for you.

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